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How To Get In Shape For Your Holidays and Vacations – 10 Tips

April 26th, 2021

At the turn of the year many people, male and female ask the question, “How do I get in shape for my upcoming holidays and vacations?” This article helps point you in the right direction to get some effective answers.

Every single year the average person gains anywhere from one to three pounds just from attending Christmas and new year parties. For some it is even more. Because of the extra food and drink consumed many have noticed their waistline expanding and their waistbands getting tighter.

Even though one to three extra pounds doesn’t seem like a lot of weight gain, it is precisely the smaller weight gain amounts that are the most difficult to lose once you put them on.

Why not keep them off from the very start?

These Weight Loss Tips will help you do just that. Year in and year out, without fail. These simple and easy tips were created with staying power in mind. So no matter if you put them into action this year, or five years from now the results will always be the same- A Slimmer and Trimmer YOU!

10 Simple Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

1. Prioritize your exercise. The beds might not get made or the car cleaned but still make time for exercise. Schedule it in and let go of other things — like a perfectly clean house or car..

2. Keep an exercise log. It makes you more accountable.

3. Set a goal. Sign up for some fun runs and try to improve your times. Have small achievable goals.

4. Make changes for the long haul. Don’t sacrifice the long-term aim for a short-term gain.

5. Stop dieting and just eat sensibly.

6. Drink up. Drinking lots of water keeps you full and hydrated.

7. Do it for yourself. If somebody else is pushing you, no matter what you do or what you try, it’ll never work long-term.

8.Take it slow. We all want to lose it yesterday, but slow is the way to go if you don’t want to see those pounds again.

9. Customize your approach. What worked for your best friend may not work for you. And what works for you today may not work six months from now. You need to decide what you need. Make changes you can live with. Ask yourself, ‘Is what I did today something I could do for the rest of my life?’

10. Be consistent and build habits of eating and exercise. Be in control and know that this is what you really want to do.

These simple 10 tips can fit into your lifestyle, no matter how fast paced. You can utilize them to keep those extra-unwanted pounds off, starting today!

There’s no better time to arm yourself with the calorie burning and fat busting information you need to get in shape for your next holiday.

You can get in shape for your holidays and vacations by putting these into practice. The tips will work if you do.

How to Appeal to Holiday and Vacation Renters With Craigslist

April 26th, 2021

Do you have a vacation or holiday rental house or property that you want to rent and earn extra money? With a little elbow grease and time you could easily be finding tenants and collecting rent quickly.

First you must touch up your rental property to increase its curb appeal. And clean the interior and exterior of the property to make it appealing.

Next you need to promote and advertise your house, condo, property, or apartment for rent. Promoting and advertising your rental units can help guarantee that your holiday or vacation property will be occupied by a quality renter.

You should advertise your holiday rentals wherever possible. You should stick with free sources of advertising and the best free source of advertising is Craigslist.

With online classified advertising you have the power and reach of free global advertising at your fingertips. With Internet advertising you can attract locals renters looking for a weekend getaway and international travelers looking for a temporary residence abroad.

Include welcoming information in your Craigslist classified advertisement about your holiday home and the surrounding area. This will help entice visitors and make certain that they feel comfortable and at home upon arrival.

Don’t forget to include local events, celebrations, clubs, restaurants, entertainment, or other activities near your holiday home that may interest potential renters.

In a competitive rental market, you can also include incentives in your Craigslist ad to help attract holiday and vacation renters. Tickets, gift cards, and vouchers help tie your classified ad with the local area.

Take these tips and start using Craigslist today to make more money from your vacation or holiday rentals.

Do you need more leads for your apartment or house for rent? Not getting enough people calling about your rental property?